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Mirus Pictures, Tinstar Arts, and Tokyo Bay Films are delighted to announce the World Premiere of their collaborative film, "RULES OF LIVING," directed by Greg Dale, at the 30th Sedona International Film Festival (SIFF) in Arizona, USA.

World Premiere Screening Details:

Wed, Feb 28 | 7:10 pm   | Harkins 2

Fri,    Mar 1   | 10:10 am | Harkins 2

Location: Harkins 2 Theatres

2081 Highway 89A, Sedona, Arizona

About the Film

"RULES OF LIVING," a compelling 113-minute feature film, is the directorial debut of Greg Dale. This character-driven narrative transcends cultures, delving into the profound themes of friendship and self-discovery in mid-life. The film, presented in both Japanese and English, boasts a stellar cast including Kaho Minami, Greg Dale, Mayuko Kawakita, Sumire (Matsubara), Jeffrey Rowe, Vinay Murthy, and Kippei Shiina. 


“Rules of Living” is a multi-cultural, heartwarming dramedy of self-discovery and of taking the path less traveled. 


Mikuko Abe is a 49-year-old career woman and divorcee, who lives in a big house by herself after her mother was moved into hospice care. She’s stuck in an unfulfilling job, caught up in a dispassionate relationship with an elite businessman, Koichi, and frustrated at her irresponsible daughter, Chieko, who’s backpacking around the world.

In order to pay the bills, she has to take in a foreign roommate, Vincent, for three months. A man with a mysterious past who has thrown it all away, Vincent is rambling around the world, trying to discover what freedom is all about. He gets a job teaching English, and after weeks of hilarious miscommunication, the strange roommates get used to each other, and Mikuko starts to open up.

Mikuko realizes she’s been fulfilling others’ expectations her whole life, but now decides to take control of her own destiny. With Vincent’s help, she follows her dream of learning English, and begins to break away from the constraints that have been put upon her for so long.


As Mikuko embarks on this new journey, she must navigate her relationships with Vincent and Koichi, and ultimately decide what kind of life she wants to lead. Will she choose to follow her heart, or will she succumb to the pressures of society?

“Rules of Living” is a multi-cultural, heartwarming dramedy of self-discovery and of taking the path less traveled.

Official Trailer
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